Ramsey Law Group Newsletter 12.22.2014

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We are pleased to announce the following accomplishments for our clients
Successful Legal Transactions
  • Completed negotiations and drafting of complex indemnification terms, carve outs, exceptions, limitations of exposure on behalf of a scientific laboratory with a larger lab entity 
  • Developed technical software website Terms & Conditions and co-sponsoring agreement representing start-up software company
  • Conducted extensive due diligence for, and completed sale of, two businesses with East Coast buyers
  • Represented Seller in successful sale of $7+ Million hotel property in Berkeley.

Litigation Success
  • Advised on response to Unruh Act claim for alleged unequal health club facilities
  • Defended, very favorably, a contentious claim of an oral promise for equity in a startup company
  • Concluded settlement of a claim for return of a real estate investment and other corporate claims
  • Resolved issue surrounding former employee's use of former company's confidential information 
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Ramsey Law Group is now offering a service in response to client requests.  For a flat fee of $500.00, an attorney will review your company's state, federal and county corporate filings and minute book to assess corporate vulnerability. 
Our written recommendations have helped clients avoid mistakes that could expose corporate or personal assets to third party attachment or liens. 
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We hope this update finds you and your business free from legal concerns. If you do have legal questions, our attorneys can be reached directly: 

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Stephen Judson  925.284.2811
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Ramsey Law Group
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